Only one more bit of expedition to do prior to it’s time to ultimately go pay the Nilfgaardians a visit. Go back to White Orchard town and execute what company you have to do, climate follow the huge road through White Orchard village, heading west (and contempt south). Happen the notice Board, the stays of Willis’ shop, and past Odolan’s home to the north. It must be pretty easy to remain on the key road and also avoid any kind of detours top top side-roads. Keep going south-west until you spot another house north of the road, wherein you can score part treasure.

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Get ago on the larger road heading south-west and also continue to monitor it in that direction right into you spot a tiny trail veering off in a an ext radical south-western direction, which ends close to a ruined house. Inside space two bodies for you come loot. Do so, then return to the bigger road again. Carry on until you point out a Nilfgaardian camp south of the road, although this one is tastefully no adorned with hanged corpse decorations. There are an ext items to loot here, however again, you’ll need to be careful not to let the guard check out you. They’re much more vigilant here, so you might not have the ability to get everything.


In between this camp and the “Broken Bridge” signpost you could encounter Nekkers, weak small burrowing critters that have tendency to hunt in packs. Use fast assaults to deal with them.

Abandoned website (level 2)¶

When you’re done looting, go back to the road again. This time the score is come follow among two other huge roads to the phibìc that connect to the one you were on… and with each other, developing a triangle on her map. This roads, once joined, lead north come the “Sawmill” signpost. West of this signpost is an additional Abandoned Site at this time occupied by a quartet the Ghouls. Death them and also some villagers will move in to the area, even being so kind as to collection up a Grindstone for you come use.

Loot the newly-inhabited houses and also the nearby stable. There are even a few beehives around. The bees will sting friend if you obtain too close, of course, and also they have the right to do a fair bit of damages (again, piling ~ above the absurdity). Usage Igni top top the hive to kill the bees and cause the hive to fall to the ground, i beg your pardon you deserve to loot for Honeycomb. Don’t sell any kind of of this yet, together the herbalist - as soon as you can finally talk to her - will provide you a quite penny for them. Last and not least, a new merchant will display up below sooner or later. He doesn’t offer anything earth-shatteringly good, however it’s another place you can drop turn off excess booty for part much-needed Crowns.

Bandit Camp (level 2)¶

From the formerly-Abandoned site head north through the wilderness, perhaps stopping to hunt game and also fight off some Wolves. Eventually you’ll find a Bandit Camp, populated by the exact same weak arsenal of bandits that you have to be used to by now; one archer, two swordsmen, and also an axe-weilder. Defeat them, climate search around their camp because that goodies, most of which is located approximately the tent. The finest loot have the right to be found in a package behind the tent and in a chest next to a cot.

Guarded endowment (level 4)¶

To the north is a swamp, where you’ll likely face the old danger of Drowners, and a brand-new hazard: explosive swamp gas. The latter deserve to be used, in conjunction with the Igni Sign, come help deal with the former, if you’re sneaky like that. Simply be wary, as swamp gas is every little bit as poisonous together it is combustible. North-west the the Bandit Camp you’ll find some Guarded Treasure, constituting a dead soldier, his horse, and also a sweetheart chest lie in the muck. Dispatch any type of Drowners guarding it and get to looting.


Stay the end of the swamp at night, as it’ll it is in crawling through Drowners. Uneven you desire to struggle a bunch the Drowners, that course. In i m sorry case… head right into the swamp at night! They’re some of the few critters that provide experience precious mentioning, and also it’s yes, really the only method to grind in ~ this suggest in time. Girlfriend may also find Water Hags in the swamp. They’re rare, yet not terribly challenging to kill.

Precious Cargo¶

Travel east through the swamp and, eventually, friend should concerned a roadway running much more or less north-south. Follow it south and also out of the swamp till you hear somebody calling because that you east of the road. Head end there to discover a vendor sitting through a campfire. Ask him what’s wrong and also he’ll vaguely babble about some monster in the swamp. Geralt, annoyed, sets him straight and the vendor will phone call a slightly more coherent story. Supposedly his steed was devoured by part sight-unseen swamp monster, and also he desires a kindly Witcher come go uncover his goods… or at least a “little box” that seems to be particularly important come him. Agree to help him, then… well, head earlier north right into the swamp (after tracking the pursuit in your journal of course).

The website of the strike is just a quick ways come the north, just follow the road and keep your Witcher Senses up. You have to spot some cart tracks running off the road and into the swamp. Investigate them, prey a adjacent sack, climate veer north-west right into the swamp. Close to the center of the brand-new search area, just west the a sunken brick building, you’ll find the wagon, the dead horse, and also the cargo. Inspect the horse and the dare to observe that they’ve been shot v arrows - a weapon which not too numerous monsters use - then loot the cart. Continue looking roughly with your Witcher Senses come spot a body to the east, likewise the victim of arrowhead fire. Geralt concerns the only logical conclusion, and also it doesn’t make him a happy Witcher. The box you’re in search of is just north-east of the wreckage, choose up the “Locked Strongbox” and also return come the “merchant”.

You have the right to simply offer the faker his box back, which end the quest, yet it’s an ext interesting to follow him down and also find the end what every the lies (not to point out the arrows) were about. Take him to job for lying and he’ll traction the old “look out behind you!” gag. Sadly, he doesn’t realize the a Witcher’s senses space too acute for that nonsense. Rather of comes clean, however, the rides off.


Use your Witcher Senses to situate the lacking box (left) climate knock the lying “merchant” turn off his horse as he flees (right).

Mount Roach, who will have appeared nearby, and chase the liar southern along the road. Roach is quicker than his horse, so friend shouldn’t have any trouble catching him. As soon as you do, swat him v your knife to dismount him. After he recovers he’ll spill the beans around who he is, why he struck the cart, and what is in that small box girlfriend recovered because that him. ~ this you’ll have actually three choices; rotate him right into the Nilfgaardians, let him go aid the rebels, or complimentary him, however keep the medicine. It’s a good time to take a stance on the issue… A Witcher is an alleged to remain neutral, and it’s not really your job to round up criminals, nor assist rebellions. Geralt is a Nordling himself, however, and it’s tough to see how keeping the medicine will assist anybody.

For transforming the rebel right into the Nilgaardians10 XP / 30 Crowns
For letting the rebel take it the medicine10 XP / 30 Crowns
For maintaining the medicine10 XP / 50 Crowns / Celandine x5

Place of power (level 6)¶

You’re now south the the Sawmill signpost, and also all the funny stuff you have left to do is back north. So… hoof it ago north (figuratively or literally, your call). Her next destination is in between the two roadways that run north-south with the swamp, east of the Bandit Camp you cleared the end earlier. It’s worth trying out the easy forested hills between the two roads, however, together they contain herbs come harvest, Wolves and Wargs come kill, and also beehives come burn.

The location of interest here, however, is the place of power whose location was formerly disclosed. It’s guarded by a Wraith (level 6), but because you’ve defeated a more powerful Wraith earlier this should be no trouble. You could want to consider saving prior to you hit it, as it has a opportunity to drop Emerald Dust. Gaining a dose of this will enable you come upgrade one of your swords (preferably the silver Sword) and also save girlfriend 500 or for this reason Crowns in the process. In any event, attract from the location of Power once you’ve vanquished the Wraith.

Guarded sweetheart (level 5)¶

Head over to the east of the two roads that run up v the swamp and… well, operation up v the swamp. Follow me this eastern road you’ll discover a “Guarded Treasure” event. You know the drill,several Drowners - or probably some Wolves… - space guarding some treasure. Kill them and take what’s yours.

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Spoils of War¶

Continue north-west along the road until girlfriend head under a brick arch. After ~ the arch veer off to the north-east and go because that a swim come the eastern to uncover the “Spoils the War” event. Close to a wrecked half of a boat that’s somehow still floating take it a dive to uncover some treasure near the other, less floaty fifty percent of the boat.