I saw various other posts concerning this concern on reddit yet am still not encouraged on why C can"t be the far better answer. Or space there some concerns on PS that reasoning simply won"t work, you have to know what content expertise its referring to? my reasoning: C: to watch frequency of specific events, such together how countless times a red vehicle passes by, you must pay aware attention. D: novel information: for example, looking at a brand brand-new model the a Mercedes, doesn"t really require as much mindful attention together C. Girlfriend can instantly take in the color, the shape, etc.

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This is usually a straight content question that asks you how the intuitive system/parallel handling works. Novel information involves integrating multiple points in the intuitive processing mechanism (i.e. From your Mercedes example, you need to incorporate color, shape, form, car"s movement to understand it and that requires aware effort). The frequency of specific events is more closely regarded temporal information and the motion facets of the object. For this reason it"s thought about a ingredient of parallel handling that doesn"t require mindful effort. Parallel processing (psychology) - Wikipedia I could understand wherein you"re gaining at through your examples but it risks overthinking and you could potentially usage your reason for C to deduce temporal information (B) likewise requires mindful effort.
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