Why is the WorkPro 1000 Series such a well-known ergonomic job chair for residence office workers?

The main reason, us think, is the it’s a comfortable and modern office chair through all the adjustability and also ergonomic choices that many of us need.

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And, although definitely not a cheap chair, the 1000 series is tho priced reasonably for a high-quality task chair.

There space a the majority of chairs like this on the market, though. Therefore our goal through this testimonial is to allude out what provides this chair unique, while likewise identifying that flaws.

Hopefully, after reading this, you deserve to make an educated decision and compare this chair to some of the other ergonomic job chairs out there.

Let’s acquire started with review of the aesthetics.

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WorkPro 1000 collection Task Chair


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The WorkPro 1000 collection is a black color mesh task chair, so don’t mean too lot in the method of aesthetics here. If you’re looking for a modern desk chair that will blend into pretty much any office environment, however, this chair will execute the trick.

It does have actually a distinct framework where the backrest is different from the seat. The backrest is a transparent mesh surrounding by a thick squared off black color nylon frame. The earlier also attributes a distinctive S-curve in ~ the lumbar region.

All in all, this is a sleek spring chair – not too bulky and also easy to integrate with other similar chairs in a larger office environment, or fit right into a tiny workspace at home.


The ax “ergonomic” is supplied pretty loosely these days once it concerns describing office chairs.

So, to evaluate whether a chair is truly designed with ergonomics in mind, we very first look at the straightforward structure, materials, and also adjustability options.

The WorkPro 1000 series features a comfortable and supportive design and also a nice variety of adjustability options.

It’s no a plush office chair with many padding.

Rather, comparable to a task chair like the HON Convergence, it’s focused on providing straightforward ergonomic support in the ideal places.

With this in mind, this chair is ready to take it on the 8 – 10 hour work stretches that many of us grind v on a day-to-day basis.

And while we’re functioning away and trying to remain comfortable, this chair enables us come move, adjust, recline, slide, and also swivel.

It go this while helping you keep a healthy and balanced posture with a tall and also ergonomically designed backrest and natural lumbar support.

Summary the Adjustability Options

Here’s a quick an overview of the adjustability choices you’ll uncover on the WorkPro 1000 series, every easily accessible and within reach while sitting:

Height Adjustment: The WorkPro contains a pneumatic gas cylinder height adjuster v a range that 19 – 22.64 inches.Seat Depth Slider: This is a distinctive feature which enables you to adjust the depth that the seat via cable control mechanism. Many simple ergonomic job chairs execute not include a depth adjustment option. This is a an extremely nice feature.Recline: You have the right to tilt back, lock right into place, and also control the tightness the the tilt.Armrests: You have the right to raise, lower, or turn the armrests to suit your needs based upon your desk setup.

As for materials, choose many contemporary computer job chairs, the 1000 series is extended in a fabricated breathable mesh material. This will keep you cool and ventilated throughout the day.

However, this mesh is firm, for this reason don’t suppose a soft cushy feel with lots of give. This material is really prized more for the functionality fairly than its lull or luxuriousness.

Mesh keeps chairs choose the WorkPro light, airy, and also budget-friendly. That is the desired material in many office environments these days, for this reason if you’re trying to find a mid-back chair in a similar price bracket, you deserve to expect a similar kind of mesh on the backrest and seat.

In this case, the mesh is sufficient but not the many comfortable we’ve seen.

Base and also Casters

The WorkPro 1000 collection has a conventional 5-star based with 360-degree swivel capability. The frame is do of a durable and influence resistant black nylon material.

The base has nylon casters that are durable, simple to install and also work fine on most hard flooring office surfaces.

If you have actually soft carpeting, you might need different casters that allow for far better mobility top top cushier surfaces.

Overall, the frame and base are sturdy, durable, and also understated. Yet, unlike other models in the WorkPro line-up, i beg your pardon we discuss in more detail below, you won’t find added style touches favor aluminum, chrome, or various other materials.

This chair is black from top-to-bottom. As such, and also as us mentioned, it will fit right into pretty much any office environment.

Recycled Material

This chair has some environmentally friendly marketing jargon. Prefer a most office furniture this days, it disclosure the eco-attributes and has also qualified because that a pair eco-labels.

Although we’re never too sure around how lot of this is simply hype matches actual substance, this chair does make the details claim that it is made native 95% post-consumer content.

Many chairs simply state the they are environmentally friendly there is no providing any actual evidence. So, at the very least the 1000 collection promotes the recycled contents aspect.

If this is vital to you, we think this is a differentiating feature of this chair compared to likewise priced ergo job chairs ~ above the market.

Chair Assembly

The WorkPro 1000 series Task Chair requires self-assembly since it will arrive in parts. However many buyers of the product have actually reported that the assembly that the chair is an extremely straight forward.

Since several of the chair come preassembled, assembling that is made easier than having to rally it from scratch.

You simply attach the armrest, right the casters on come the base, make sure the pneumatic cylinder is in place, and also attach the chair unit come the base.

Most ergonomic chair manufacturers have made this process much simpler than it offered to be. The WorkPro 1000 series is no exception.



Eco-conscious: through 95% of recycle materials, this chair’s eco-conscious badge is fine earned.Mesh back panel: right for keeping you cool in any type of stressful job-related environment.Ergonomic shape: the shape of the ago panel urges a maintained an excellent posture whilst you space sat in ~ your workdesk for hours at a time.Adjustable seat: the seat slide mechanism allows you to fully customize your chair come the length of her legs, so the you space not compromising when working on your tasks.Adjustable armrests: up and down, and pivoting. These armrests will certainly make your weary typing arms give thanks to you at the end of the workday.Easy assembly: also buyers that wouldn’t define themselves as handy have discovered it simple to rally the WorkPro 1000 series Task Chair.Wheelbase: the five castor wheel on the star shaped base make this chair sturdy and balanced, when also enabling for a smooth movement to where you desire this chair to be set up.

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Some buyers report the the armrests come to be looser end time.Weight volume is just 250 lbs.In regards to ergonomic design, back the earlier panel is shame ergonomically, there is no lumbar support. You might want to consider how important integrated lumbar support is for you.The mesh is firm and there is restricted padding. For more heavier customers, this chair could not hold-up and remain comfortable sufficient when offered frequently and also for much longer durations.