Blizzard to chat announced this day at BlizzCon that World the Warcraft: Legion is now easily accessible for preorder on the game’s website, and also released the intro cinematic trailer, heralding the return the the burn Legion.

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In World that Warcraft: Legion, the tomb of Sargeras has actually been reopened and also the burning Legion is fixated on summoning Azeroth, having currently located the key to his return. Through both the Horde and Alliance factions devastated and also fighting against impossible odds, it’s up to champions indigenous both political parties to save their world from fallout’s under the good Burning shadow by venturing come the damaged Isles to take it up Artifact weapons and make a pact through the Demon Hunters the the Illidari.

According to CEO and co-founder the Blizzard Entertainment, Mike Morhaime: “World the Warcraft: Legion is among the many intense chapters in the Warcraft saga yet, filled v features and content that will push new and veteran heroes to their limits. Whether players want to boost a new character or get a head begin on mastering a Demon Hunter, they’ll be primed and ready to battle the burn Legion once the expansion launches following summer.”

World of Warcraft: Legion is booked to be exit in the summer that 2016, and it can be pre-ordered in traditional or Digital deluxe Editions.

Pre-ordering the game will immediately boost a personality of the player’s choosing to level 100, and players will additionally get early accessibility to the new Demon Hunter class prior to the game’s release.

Preordering the Digital luxurious Edition that World that Warcraft: Legion will give bonuses for World of Warcraft and various other Blizzard games.

These bonuses include:

A Felstalker Illidari Mount and also Nibbles pet for World the Warcraft

A Felstalker Mount for Heroes the the Storm

Fel Protoss Portraits for Starcraft II

And wings of the Betrayer because that Diablo III

More information on World the Warcraft: Legion deserve to be discovered at the game’s official website, and further information on the Digital deluxe bonuses have the right to be uncovered here.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment push Release

Trailer via people of Warcraft, YouTube
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