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Wednesday night brings up almost every sports fan’s favourite pair of words —Game 7. The Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians complement up in the final game that what has currently become a World series for the ages. One team will certainly come out as World series champion, if the other will add yet another year to the longest championship drought in baseball. It every comes down to this.

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Game 7 will start Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET. And also will waiting on FOX. Joe Buck will take care of the play-by-play, along with color comment from man Smoltz and field-level reporting from Ken Rosenthal and Tom Verducci.

Cleveland will most likely send ace Corey Kluber come the mound v their season on the line as they look at to avoid blowing a 3-1 World collection lead. Kluber has actually a leading 0.89 ERA, together he has allowed just 3 runs in 30 1/3 innings this season. Kluber will certainly start game 7 on 3 days’ rest, i beg your pardon he has done twice prior to this season. If Kluber has actually only allowed his three postseason operation in his 2 starts whereby he had three days’ rest, he still had actually 13 strikeouts and just 3 walks in 11 innings over those appearances.

The Cubs’ really hopes for reversing your 108-year World series drought will rest on the shoulders the Kyle Hendricks. Hendricks has actually a 1.31 ERA and also 1.02 WHIP this postseason, proceeding to admire after posting a 2.13 ERA and also a 16-8 record in the constant season. Hendricks has only do it previous the 6th inning in among his 4 starts this postseason, yet manager Joe Maddon will likely expect Hendricks to go deep right into the game Wednesday night. Hendricks lasted six innings or more in 20 that his 30 starts this season, consisting of 12 out of 14 after the All-Star break.

The indians will have to ensure that Kluber hands a lead to Andrew Miller and also the Cleveland bullpen if they desire to win this game and also thus the people Series. The Indians’ bullpen has actually yet to punch a command this postseason, provided one does no count ALCS video game 3, once Toronto take it a brief lead early on in the game after starter Trevor Bauer left in the an initial inning.

The ind bullpen has actually pitched to a collective 1.84 ERA in 58 2/3 innings this postseason, making it all the much more likely the they might hold a late-game lead.

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For the Cubs to end up being the fifth team to victory a World collection by rallying earlier from a 3-1 deficit and just the 3rd to perform so by win the last two gamings on the road, that will at some point come down to their bats. When Hendricks will need to stifle the Indians’ lineup, the Cubs’ capability to muster anything against Kluber will make the difference.

The Cubs scored just nine runs in the first five games of this human being Series, however scored ripe in game 6 alone, v three home runs, including a solo shot from Kris Bryant, a two-run homer native Anthony Rizzo, and grand slam native Addison Russell. If the Cubs desire to reverse your curse, it will certainly come many thanks to the offensive calculation from Russell, Bryant, Rizzo, or among the Cubs’ various other potent hitters.