S-rank: Kos-Mos and also Sheba both hit S-rank on this list, since they space at a confluence of many excellent traits: their Specials space useful, your Battle skills are all relevant, they possess highly desirable Blade Arts, both have access to three Aux Cores and also their Ether Cannon is a truly fantastic weapon because it can not be parried, only blocked. Weapons room important, by the way. Numerous otherwise extremely good blades space crippled by being required into making use of the fucking Bitball. In addition, both have facets that enable you right combos (Light/Light/Light and also Water/Water/Water) that are additionally relevant in various other combo chains.

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Kos-Mos is a jack of all trades that depends on conveniently hitting max affinity in battle to important unlock her potential. She is notable for having a really spammable heal with her special 2, and also tanking like nobody’s company with Overclock. In addition, she has the coveted Recharge an increase as one of her blade Arts. Encourage Aux cores are Telepathy, Max Affinity Damage, and also Max Affinity Barrier.

Sheba deserve to reach incredible DPS if friend use just female knives in to take full benefit of she Entitled Entourage ability. She level 3 special will cause enemies to drop money, collecting i beg your pardon can rise her damage up to 333%. Incorporate both of these with back Attack Up, and congratulations, you have actually the single highest DPS tongue in the game. Notably, she level 1 unique is spammable and enables you to address adds of any kind by flat out death them. Unequal Kos-Mos, she can’t tank, so she requires more setup, but it payment off large time versus really difficult bosses. Suggested cores room Telepathy, Affinity Barrier, and Special Aggro palliation (this, combined with earlier Attack and Financial Statement, permits you come avoid illustration aggro most of the time).

A-Rank Blades: A-ranks are almost as great as S-rank, yet they absence a couple of things. One of two people their tools are rather subpar, their specials aren’t really there, they have actually only one Aux main point slot, or I simply don’t favor them together much. A tiny bit of obelisk A, a small bit of shaft B. You typically want to encompass as numerous of them as you deserve to in your party setups. A-rank blades are Mythra, Nia, Theory, Brighid, Newt, Electra, Aegaoeogoeon, Zenobia, and also Nim.

Mythra is a no-brainer an option for a good blade, and you are stuck through this uppity bitch for most of the video game anyhow. She has several an essential advantages going because that her, together as, for example, not being Pyra. Hoax aside (not really, though), she is above A rank, yet not quite great enough to be S-rank. She succeeds due to the fact that she offers you a large crucial bonus, provides the entire party accuracy and also evasion in ~ max affinity (which she builds really quickly), and also her abilities synergize with her high crucial rate to minimize recharge and allow you come cancel arts into themselves. The trouble is the the arts themselves are reasonably mediocre. She provides the exact same weapon together Pyra, after ~ all. Friend can acquire nice consistent DPS the end of her and build up she specials, yet unfortunately she specials room not very good, and also if you room fighting indoors, she is about as beneficial as a wet umbrella. She’ll get the task done, however she lacks the oomph. Add to she is painful to use against high-block enemies, due to the fact that that litter your whole cancel-art-into-art strategy the end of the window. Or right into a window, in she case. Suggested Aux Cores room Max Affinity barrier and crucial V.

Nia is a hard blade v no actual disadvantages. She catalyst scimitar is fun to use, she heals choose she method it, all of her specials do decent damages and carry out healing, and also her arts room on point. You have the right to really go any method you want through her, because she does kind DPS yet can facetank via healing, too. She won’t be winning any DPS races, yet she won’t come in critical either.

Theory is as advantageous as her outfit is ridiculous. Rather importantly, she rewards you for maintaining aggro by dealing more damage to opponents that target you, and also her level 3 special provides her easy method of getting whatever to target her. Katanas are good weapons in general. Theory, Aeogaeogeogen and Brighid can form an extremely strong trio of chisels for Morag, since all three capitalize ~ above evade tanking with different strength. Top top the downside, she Blade art suck and also her outfit is equal components blatant fanservice and weirdly off-putting. However if you give her rest Resistance V and max out her Steadfast skill, you’ll never need to worry about getting Comboed again, for this reason that’s quite amazing.

Brighid is a good mandatory blade, i m sorry is a pleasant exit from the likes of Dromarch and Pyra. Her chief thing is the she deals much more damage the an ext attacks friend evade, therefore if you time her Evade whip skill very closely to dodge some multi-frame multi-attack bullshit move, girlfriend can an increase her come ridiculous damage levels in ~ the very start of a fight. On the downside, her skills are yes, really annoying to cancel the end of and she really doesn’t carry out AOE together such, so keeping multiple adversaries engaged is not something that comes quickly to her. Give her every little thing Aux Cores girlfriend want, however Max Affinity barrier will more than likely save her life.

Newt is another very solid A+ rank tongue that simply has helpful everything. Her damages is good, her an abilities are ~ above point, she specials room all right. Her real difficulty is the she occupies the exact same elemental slot/role as Brighid, and Brighid walk the job an ext or less just as well. Yet hey, if you want to make Zeke or Rex a tank, by all means, usage her.

Electra has a shitty weapon, a shitty annoying to combo element, shitty annoying specials, and also shitty annoying voiceovers. Electra is just shitty and annoying. Except for the fact that she can obtain over 90% fucking block rate, therefore she have the right to facetank anything. Literally any fucking thing. And she counters attacks for a fuckton the damage. And also she instantly draws aggro. So actually, she’s quite great if you require a tank that deserve to basically take every little thing life throws at them. I beg your pardon is good, since I’m pretty sure nobody likes Electra, and also so everybody throws points at she on the regular. She’s a goddamn drummer, because that god’s sakes. Think about that because that a second. Look, just provide her Block V Aux Core, begrudgingly accept that despite all appearances she is vital member of your team, and also pretend she is not actually there while she does her job better than many other people. She electrocutes one old man at one suggest in her story, I’m pretty sure she deserves it.

Aegaoeogoeon: yet the crap you express that. Evades prefer nobody’s business, however doesn’t actually reward you for camping him really much. Does great damage and draws aggro well, but additionally lacks AoE skills, so he’s good for explode tanking. If you cycle between him, Brighid and Theory, friend can get into a an extremely nice rhythm on Morag wherein you literally just evade every little thing life throws at you. Definitely worth using. Offer him part Evade Aux cores to really capitalize ~ above his currently silly evade ability.

Zenobia: honestly, if you don’t bother with any setup or anything and just want to go in swinging there is no a treatment in the world, Zenobia is most likely your girl. She has ridiculous synergy effect that do her basically S-rank. Axe’s Berserker Slash skill recharges itself upon crit, and also she it s okay Recharge boost as among her tongue Arts, as well as an important Up. Acquire her an important aux core, and also use a high crit weapon v Telepathy, and you’ll have the ability to reliably chain Berserker Slash right into Berserker Slash, which will deal much better DPS than Mythra can ever hope for, and also cleave opponents to boot. Zenobia does have a couple of problems, though. Her specials are reasonably forgettable (literally, because of the way she paris around and the shoddy camera and also that idiotic point she wears you can’t really view what the crap is happening many of the time). In addition, her an abilities are not always relevant. In war with several trash, she doesn’t obtain the bonus native fighting a boss. In battles v bosses, she generally doesn’t obtain bonus native fighting multiple enemies. And also you sort of need a crit cure accessory, or she will draw aggro and also go splat in an extremely short order. Still, she is a an extremely solid choice, and leaves Mythra in the dust once it comes to damage output.

Nim is the only healer tongue that provides the A-rank various other than Nia. There are a few reasons because that this. Chief amongst them is the truth that her weapon does not suck. I’ll speak (well, screech angrily) around Bitballs as soon as we gain to B-rank and below blades, but basically fuck that noise. She also gets really nice bonus through back Attack Up, which boosts her damage and also reduces she aggro. Finally, her specials room all very useful. She level 3 special is comparable to Kos-Mos’s level 2, other than with foxes shooting lasers the end of your eyes, which earns clues in mine book. As whole she is a heavy healer and also a surprisingly solid damage dealer. In addition, earth complements a the majority of combo chains, do it basic to combo with her. Finally, she heals the living crap the end of her party through blend combos (that’s the moment where friend zoom in ~ above a arbitrarily body part of the enemy and also the narrator screams miscellaneous enthusiastic and incoherent). It happens when you incorporate an recurring elemental impact (like Light, or Burnout, or Disappointment) with Break -> Topple -> start -> stop steps. That extends the effect and generates bonus damage. She heals you and boosts the results when castle happen. If friend know how to exploit this, Nim have the right to generate remarkable bonus damages just by hanging around and watching the proceedings. So give her blend Effect increase Aux core, offer your party members rest / Topple /Launch / stop weapons, and go come town.

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This concludes the S-A component of the guide. From here on it’s all disappointment and also failed expectations, much like your connection with your parents. The next guide will incorporate the Bad, the Critically flawed, and also the cursed useless.