Yakuza 0 - how to get Rich by destroying Mr. Shakedowns Leg

In this overview you learn just how to get rich by ruining Mr. Shakedowns leg.

Aquiring the significance of wall Smashing

First you have actually to gain the essence of wall surface Smashing by maxing out your Brawler skill tree; after the you have to talk to her american friend in the Tenkaichi Alley and also learn his various techniques (one the them being the essence of wall Smashing).

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Get something to easily Restore Your warmth in a Fight

In this step, you have to buy miscellaneous to easily restore your heat in the fights with Mr. Shakedown; for example you deserve to buy the Staminan Royale (I recommend you come fill her inventory with it).


You can get the Staminan Royale in the Kotobuki Drug save (it is displayed in the picture below).


Get the conference Finder

This action isn’t specifically necessary, yet it makes finding Mr. Shakedown a whole lot easier.However, you have to gain the conference Finder for tracking under Mr. Shakedown. Friend will obtain the encounter finder by doing the miracle in Maharaja Substory (You have the right to do it at some time after perfect the wonder in Tenkaichi Street Substory).

In the wonder in Maharaja Substory you need to do a dance battle (which girlfriend don’t have to win) v Pop Prince wonder Johnson in the Maharaja disco. Girlfriend just have to make sure to choose the black color box instead of the white after perfect the substory.


Demolishing Mr. Shakedowns Leg

Now we acquire to the funny part. After gaining the conference Finder you can quickly track Mr. Shakedowns ar (As presented in the picture below).

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After friend tracked Mr. Shakedown and also got into a fight v him, you simply have to repeatedly use the significance of wall surface Smashing ~ above him until he die by standing through your back versus the wall surface and pushing the switch when he’s close enough (Make certain to reclaim your warm after each time you break his leg).