The mission of the YMCA is to placed Christian values into exercise through programs that construct healthy spirit, mind and body for all. YMCAs jointly make increase the biggest nonprofit community service organization in America, often serving together the heart of ar life in neighborhoods and also towns across the nation. They work to fulfill the health and social business needs that 16.9 million men, women and also children.Ys aid people build values and behavior that are continuous with Christian principles. Ys room for world of every faiths, races, abilities, ages and also incomes. Nobody is turned away because that inability come pay. YMCAs" toughness is in the world they lug together.In the typical Y, a volunteer plank sets policy for its executive, that manages the procedure with full-time and also part-time staff and also volunteer leaders. Ys accomplish local neighborhood needs v organized activities called programs. In its very own way, every Y nurtures the healthy advance of children and teens; strengthens families; and makes its community a healthier, safer, better place come live.YMCA programs are tools for structure the worths of caring, honesty, respect and also responsibility. Longtime leader in community-based health and fitness and also aquatics, Ys teach kids to swim, offer exercise class for human being with disabilities and also lead adult aerobics. They likewise offer numerous other program in solution to community needs, consisting of camping, child treatment (the Y motion is the nation"s biggest not-for-profit provider), teenager clubs, environmental programs, problem abuse prevention, youth sports, household nights, job training, international exchange and many more.Organization: each YMCA is a charity nonprofit, qualifying under ar 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Taxes Code. Each is independent. YMCAs are required by the nationwide constitution come pay annual dues, to stop from discrimination and to assistance the YMCA mission. All various other decisions are neighborhood choices, including programs offered, staffing and also style that operation. The nationwide office, called the YMCA of the USA, is in Chicago, with field offices in California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota and Texas. It is staffed through 241 employees. Its objective is to offer member associations. International: YMCAs room at work-related in an ext than 120 countries about the world, serving an ext than 30 million people. Some 230 neighborhood US Ys maintain an ext than 370 relationships v Ys in other countries, operate worldwide programs and also contribute come YMCA work global through the YMCA World company campaign. Favor other national YMCA movements, the YMCA the the USA is a member of the people Alliance that YMCAs, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. History: The YMCA was started in London, England, in 1844 by George Williams and about a dozen friends who lived and worked together clerks in a drapery a forerunner of dry-goods and also department stores. Your goal was to help young guys like themselves discover God. The first members were evangelical Protestants who prayed and also studied the scriptures as an different to vice. The Y movement has constantly been nonsectarian and today accepts those of all faiths at every levels the the organization, regardless of its unchanging name, the Young Men"s Christian Association.The very first U.S. YMCA started in Boston in 1851, the job-related of thomas Sullivan, a retired sea captain who was a put missionary. Ys spread out fast and soon to be serving boys and older men and also young men. Return 5,145 women worked in YMCA armed forces canteens in people War I, it wasn"t until after people War II the women and girls to be admitted to full membership and participation in the united state YMCAs. Today half of all YMCA members and program members space female, and half are under age 18.

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