"You Ain"t obtained No Pancake Mix!" is a memorable quote initially said by Zach Galifianakis as part of his stand-up comedy act. In 2008, the phrase ended up being widely adopted as a comical retort against spiritual evangelism ~ a video clip of a college student interrupting a Christian evangelist"s sermon using the expression went famous on YouTube.

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The phrase “You ain’t gained no pancake mix!” stems indigenous a stand-up routine that was performed through comedian Zach Galifianakis as beforehand as in January 1999 in ~ Luna Park in West Hollywood.

However, the quote didn"t get much virtual traction till on September 26th, 2008, as soon as YouTuber piscator11<1> uploaded a video clip titled “You aint obtained no pancake mix!” The video features a college student from Michigan’s cool Valley State university yelling “You ain’t got no pancake mix!” at a females attempting come preach Christianity to the assembled students. As of October 2014, the video clip has acquired over 3.7 million views.


On February 28th, 2010, the facebook page<3> "You ain"t gained no pancake mix" was created, as of October 2014, the web page has got over 6,000 views. ~ above June 16th, 2010, Buzzfeed<6> published the video, as of October 2014, the article has got over 20,000 views. ~ above June 18th, The Atlantic<6> posted the video clip captioning it:

"Finally, a means to answers to divine rollers, tea-partiers, Larouchies, code Pink, Mormon missionaries, Farrakhanites, HRC fundraisers, in ~ al"

On June 22nd, urban Dictionary<4> user Thatreallyannoyinglosergirl submitted an entry because that "You ain"t acquired not pancake mix," which defined it as:

"1. The perfect way to shut increase a annoying preacher human who reflects up out of nowhere. Proven indigenous a renowned youtube video clip titled, "You ain"t got no pancake mix.""




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