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She Belongs come The Streets, additionally known together She Is because that The Streets, is a slang expression taken native the book NIGGALATIONS: The Lost publication of Ghetto Philosophers, and also later popularized through the rapper Future. The phrase is typically used to accuse females of gift sexually promiscuous. If a mrs “belongs come the streets,” she isn’t resting with just one person. This slang commonly appears online as a catchphrase or copypasta in mim as captions, in video commentaries or in comments and replies.


The most typically seen kind of the copypasta is pulled straight from the 2018 publication NIGGALATIONS: The Lost publication of Ghetto Philosophers<1> through Derrick Mingo. In the book, the verse originates from Niggalations 14:28, watched in this form:

“From the streets did she emerge, and to the roadways she will certainly return. And I say depend you, she is because that the streets. Therefore be no weary, when she have to return native whence she came.”

In September 2019, the rapper Future have the right to be heard uttering the quote, “She belongs to the streets,” in a video clip from social media, which assisted spread the expression. On September 3rd, 2019, the YouTube<2> account jaleezy uploaded the clip to your channel (shown below), receiving over 500,000 views, 12,000 likes and also 452 comments.

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After originally being spread out by the video of Future, the phrase began appearing online in assorted tweets, memes and videos on society media. Redditor<3> styles_P posted an instance on October 23rd, 2019, come the r/BlackPeopleTwitter sub, under the title, “She belongs to the streets” (seen below), receiving end 6,700 upvotes and 159 comments.


The term was included to metropolitan Dictionary<4> top top November 4th, 2019, through user simply a simp, whereby it obtained 752 likes for the definition, “Underhand method of saying she is a hoe the participates in hoe activities that show off hoeing herself roughly like a hoe.”

Another frequently seen meme combining the book’s quote v a referral to Future appears online plenty of times, commonly as a reaction image to describe such promiscuous actions. On December 3rd, 2019, one such instance was used by Twitter<5> user

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