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You Have entered the Comedy Area refers to photo of the Nintendo character Mario riding a cart, paired v the quote "you have entered the comedy area." Online, the image has been supplied as a macro, frequently as a reference to evident joke setups, specifically for dad jokes.


On June 3rd, 2019, Redditor MashSouth reposted Mario Kart DS sheathe art reflecting character Mario through folded arms and also with a pair that sunglasses poorly edited in, captioned "you have gone into the comedy area" (the specific origin of the edit is currently unknown).<1> The post gained over 3,600 upvote in three weeks (shown below).



On June 10th, Redditor batman_poops_too make the very first known meme based on the image, with the write-up receiving end 41,600 upvote in two weeks (shown below).<2>


In the complying with days, the layout gained moderate spread on Reddit, through notable examples being posted in /r/memes,<3> /r/dankmemes,<4> /r/me_irl<5> and other subreddits.

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