You read that right. As of Friday, the organization’s older youth program, “Boy Scouts,” will be called “Scouts BSA” – a readjust meant come welcome both boys and also girls in between the ages of 11 and 17.

the also means young women deserve to realize their dreams of ending up being Eagle Scouts, the organization’s coveted greatest rank, which can offer lifelong scholastic and skilled benefits. The very first class of mrs Eagle Scouts will certainly be well-known in 2020, follow to young Scouts that America.

The routine for younger kids, Cub Scouts, has actually been welcome girls due to the fact that last year, and an ext than 77,000 girls have actually joined. Its name will remain the same, as will the surname of the 108-year-old parental organization, boy Scouts the America.

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These eight girls are part of the 22 starting members of an all-girl boy Scout troop in Costa Mesa, California.
“I could not be much more excited because that what this way for the next generation of leader in our nation,” chief Scout executive Michael B. Surbaugh stated in a declare Friday.

“Through Scouts BSA, much more young world than ever before – young women and also men – will acquire to endure the benefits of camaraderie, confidence, resilience, trustworthiness, courage and also kindness with a time-tested program that has actually been proven to build character and leadership.”

’I wanted to become a reconnaissance myself’

young Scouts the America (BSA) an initial announced it was going to encompass girls in 2017.

It was welcome news for plenty of girls, choose 10-year-old Kaylee Russell, who told affiliate WJXT she’s been tagging along and also participating in she older brother’s young Scouts occasions for a lengthy time.


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WASHINGTON, DC - might 22: Members that Scouts for Equality host a rally to speak to for equality and also inclusion for gays in the young Scouts that America as component of the "Scouts because that Equality job of Action" might 22, 2013 in Washington, DC. The boy Scouts of America is booked to hold a two day conference tomorrow with 1,400 local adult leaders to consider an altering its policy of prevent openly gay teens from participating in the boy Scouts. (Photo by victory McNamee/Getty Images)
Why the boy Scouts are for girls now, as well

“My brothers was constantly a boy Scout and in Cub Scouts,” she said. “And castle would constantly include me and I would do things favor archery, swimming, shoot rifles. Therefore much. And also that encouraged me the I wanted to come to be a reconnaissance myself.”

Kaylee’s mom, Stacey Russell, is also glad her daughter is walk to be able to participate, WJXT reported.

“She preferred camping, she favored the hiking, the outdoors stuff. And this provides her a possibility to actually earn the merit badges because that the stuff that she’s already been doing v him anyway,” she said. Russell likewise likes the “leadership skills” that her son has actually developed, and also is happy she daughter will have the exact same opportunity.

no everyone welcomes the change

welcoming girls into the young Scouts has actually not come without controversy.

there was combined reaction on society media at the time of the early announcement, v some arguing the adjust was “PC,” or “politically correct.”

Girl Scouts that the USA (GSUSA) issued a statement that didn’t surname BSA, yet said that the “benefit that the single-gender atmosphere has been well-documented by educators, scholars, other girl- and youth-serving organizations, and also Girl Scouts and their families.”

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BuzzFeed News previously derived a letter reportedly from GSUSA president Kathy Hopinkah Hannan, who accused BSA of welcoming girl to assist their diminished enrollment numbers.

and late critical year, GSUSA actually sue BSA over the change from “Boy Scouts” come “Scouts BSA” in a trademark infringement lawsuit.

In an to update statement top top Friday, GSUSA said BSA’s decision “does not adjust the position of Girl Scouts the the USA or ours mission to serve girls, and girls only, and to foster their amazing management potential. We continue to be steadfast in our knowledge that Girl Scouts is the world’s single best leadership development program for girls.”

The organization later included that a judge critical week ruled the the lawsuit is moving forward with every one of the cases GSUSA made, after ~ the BSA filed a movement to dismiss 2 of the claims.

“Beyond our watch that the decision was completely correct, Girl Scouts has actually no further comment on pending litigation,” GSUSA said in a statement.

Asked around the lawsuit, BSA said, “We look forward to fixing the issue so both of our organizations deserve to do what we do best – serve neighborhoods through character-building programs because that youth.”