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You Weren"t an alleged to do That is photo macro series featuring a screencap of Donald trumped addressing applauding democracy in the audience during his 2019 State that the Union Address.


On February 5th, 2019, president Trump joked "You weren"t claimed to execute that" after ~ Congresswomen wearing suffragette white outfits clapped and also chanted "USA" after a mention of ladies filling "58% the the newly developed jobs" end the critical year (shown below).

The following day, Redditor TheEarthIsACylinder uploaded a captioned screencap indigenous the clip, featuring a joke about the YouTube Dislike switch (shown below). In ~ 24 hours, the post garnered much more than 31,700 clues (98% upvoted) and also 130 comments on /r/dankmemes.<1>



On February 7th, 2019, Redditor reggiethelemur submitted a captioned version of the screencap with a joke around anti-vax parental (shown below, left). In ~ 12 hours, the article gained over 4,900 point out on /r/dankmemes.<2> the day, Redditor ViceroyGunrayTheLad submitted the photo captioned through a joke about LEGOs, gathering an ext than 2,900 clues (99% upvoted) ~ above /r/dankmemes<3> in ~ eight hours (shown below, right).


Meanwhile, Redditor WeeklyPlane6 posted a version about skipping ads top top YouTube come /r/dankmemes<4> (shown below, left). Additionally on February 7th, Redditor Shivam091 posted a meta-joke about appreciating mim while scrolling with the subreddit to /r/dankmemes<5> (shown below, right).


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<1> Reddit – /r/dankmemes

<2> Reddit – /r/dankmemes

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<5> Reddit – /r/dankmemes

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