"A man"s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men" (Prov. 18:16). did you recognize that you deserve to make room for yourself? I desire you to an alert my golden text: "A man"s gift maketh room because that him, and bringeth him before great men" (Prov. 18:16). Words "and" means also, so this verse is saying two things. Number one, it"s saying the your gift will make room because that you. And, number two, it"s saying the you"ll be lugged before good men because of your gift. so we see that two things happen due to the fact that of the gift. However I want you to notice, very first of all, that the gift maketh. "Maketh" simply method causes, implying that there"s an action taking place. regularly I"ve heard people quote this verse and also say it method something the it doesn"t really mean. I"ve even heard preachers wrongly teach this verse. You see, most people talk around this verse in regard come talent. Essentially, what they say is that if you"re talented or have some gift or anointing, then eventually your ar will be created you, and people of an excellent means will acquire to hear friend or partake of her gift. but that isn"t what this city is talking about at all! In fact, when you watch this bible up in the initial Hebrew, you"ll find out numerous things. an initial of all, you"ll discover that the writer is referring to financial things. In fact, once you look it up, girlfriend will uncover that in the Middle east - and also the holy bible is an Eastern publication - it was customary because that a male to carry a gift to an separation, personal, instance in stimulate to it is in heard by that individual. You had actually to existing a gift prior to anyone would even discuss organization with you. that course, we don"t have that tradition here in the West, however the holy bible says that a man"s gift renders room for him, and also we, no issue where we are, have to understand what that means, due to the fact that it"s a holy bible truth. The Hebrew word analyzed "gift" in Prov. 18:16 method a present. And the indigenous "room" way to broaden. So, in other words, we can read the verse prefer this: "A man"s existing will broaden, reason expansion, or create opportunity for him. And, on top of every that, a man"s current will carry him before good men." I favor the method the new International Version equates Prov. 18:16. It might make it much easier to recognize the definition of the verse: A gift opens up the means for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great.

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(Prov. 18:16. NIV). over there is something rather I desire you come see worrying the worth of a gift. Prov. 17:8 says, "A gift is together a PRECIOUS rock in the eyes of him that hath it. Whithersoever the turneth, the PROSPERETH." This scripture claims that a gift is together a precious stone. You need to recognize that a gift is that value and that a gift makes room for you. In other words, a gift will open up doors of opportunity for you. God offered First The idea of a gift make room for yourself is no something new. God to be the very an initial One come act top top this law. The holy bible says, "For God so love the world, the he GAVE..." (John 3:16). And also throughout bible we watch what the preeminent gift of God is: salvation with Jesus Christ! because that God so loved the world, the he provided HIS only BEGOTTEN SON, the whosoever believeth in him have to not perish, yet have everlasting life - man 3:16. We stated that a gift can create opportunity. Due to the fact that God gave to mankind, His gift created the opportunity for Him to have much more than one "only begotten Son." friend see, Jesus supplied to be described as the only begotten kid of God. Yet now the Scripture defines Jesus together "...the FIRSTBORN amongst many brethren" - (Rom. 8:29). the word "begotten" method born of. Since I got Jesus together my Savior, I"m born that God - I"m a child of god. And also you"re a boy of God, too if you room born again. You room as much a son of God as Jesus the Anointed One is. The scriptures describes Jesus as being her Elder Brother. In fact, the scriptures even calls us, the Church, "His body" since it claims that Jesus is the Head the the Church, i beg your pardon is His body (Col. 1:18; Eph. 1:22-23; 5:23). The Church is the body of Christ. And also Jesus is the Head of His Body, the Church. Well, if the head is one place, climate the body have to be there with the head, due to the fact that the head can"t it is in in one place and the body in another. Rather, wherein the head goes, the feet go, the arms to, the nose goes, and also everything else goes! Spiritually speaking, Jesus is the Head, and also we"re His Body. The Head provides the instructions, and also the body follows. therefore God gave the gift of Jesus come us. The gift opened our heart to God, and also it created the chance for him to receive billions of sons. And also if we"re law our job of witnessing to the lost, then He"s getting an ext sons every day. Why is this happening? due to the fact that a gift maketh room! It opens up windows that opportunity! Source: Making Room because that Yourself by Keith A. Servant Excerpt permission granted by Word Of belief Publishing

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