“I can’t post any kind of videos on mine Twitter, instead it keeps saying the ‘Your Media files might not be processed’ every time ns upload a video. What’s wrong v Twitter or is it my videos? thanks in advance!”

It is yes, really frustrating when you have actually tried several times uploading the exact same content however the application doesn’t enable it. Just like the recent Twitter error circulating whereby users only receive ‘Your media files could not be processed’.

Perhaps, this error carried you here, due to the fact that you are among the affected users, and also you haven’t uncovered solutions anywhere. There have been countless work-around given however there is no definite solve yet and also people space getting much more frustrated.

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Today, we will ultimately get to fix this error. We will uncover ways on just how to deal with this annoying error by searching for the many effective and easiest method.

Part 1. What Media formats are sustained by TwitterPart 2. 4 Fixes: Twitter “Your Media document Could not be Processed”Part 3. Summary

Part 1. What Media formats are sustained by Twitter

Twitter is among the many used social media apps where human being from about the globe communicate by tweeting your thoughts and also opinions and sharing data favor photos and videos for anyone to see. It’s additionally used in businesses, particularly for marketing and advertising.

However, over there are particular conditions the you should follow upon using Twitter, specifically in uploading your media files.

Not every one of your videos are approved for Twitter upload. Each video should at least satisfy the app’s guidelines.

According come this famed app, your photos and also videos should fulfill their criteria in order because that it to get posted online.

For videos, here are the needs that Twitter wants you come meet:

File Format: .mp4 and .movResolution: minimum that 32 X 32 and also maximum of 1920 X 1200; HD video clip 720p (1280 X 720) is recommendedAspect Ratio: 1:2.29 come 2.39:1Maximum time: 2 minutes and also 20 secondsFrame rate maximum: 40fpsVideo bitrate maximum: 25 MBps

You deserve to now examine your video if the meets any of the provided requirements above. Otherwise, you can convert or edit the media file to accomplish the specifications.


Part 2. 4 Fixes: Twitter “Your Media record Could not be Processed”

Just because you got this error doesn’t typical that you deserve to no much longer upload her video. You deserve to still have actually the possibility to write-up it digital as long as you transform it accordingly.

Basically, the only way to solve your media document could no be processed error on Twitter is by converting the videos using programs or digital apps. Even if it is you took the video using her mobile phone or a expert camera, girlfriend can constantly edit that using various apps.

Making videos for social media sites choose Twitter, Facebook, etc… takes some certain requirements before you can effectively upload them. This is mainly since the videos have to be optimized for different platforms favor the desktop, tablet, and your mobile device.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online apps you have the right to use to develop videos for any type of of these social media accounts. These apps will take care of the specs forced by any type of social media sites.

To better help you start editing, below are 4 of the finest online video editors you can use for your Twitter posts:


Handbrake is a third-party downloadable regimen where you can convert and edit videos for various formats and align it with any kind of social media platforms you great to use.

Simply download the app and upload your video clip so you deserve to start editing. Once you are done modifying the video, nothing forget to allow the internet Optimized crate in the conserve As menu.

Enabling this feature will automatically readjust the entire video format and style according to Twitter’s requirements.

The best part about this application is the it’s cost-free and open-source!

ClipChamp Create

ClipChamp create lets friend fabricate awesome videos for social media, educational videos, and presentations. It has actually its own gallery of images and templates wherein you can easily use and also edit without the require of looking for great images.

One the its pro functions is the you can directly share the video to her social media accounts there is no the have to download the media document to your computer. You have the right to switch from a basic complimentary account come a creator account if you desire to upgrade. The price starts at $9/mo.



FilmoraGo is another video editor you have the right to use directly on your mobile. Girlfriend don’t have to transfer the video clip to your computer to begin editing. Simply download the app and also start applying cool filters, adjust, and enjoy an ext tools in editing and enhancing your videos!

FilmoraGo is complimentary and available for both iOS and Android.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark provides you free templates to use for every video clip category you wish to use. Girlfriend can edit your videos on a computer from Adobe’s website or you can use that is iOS version so girlfriend can easily download that on her iPhone and also enjoy editing anywhere.

You can take benefit of all its attributes for totally free but climate a watermark shows at the bottom that the screen. If girlfriend don’t desire the watermark to appear, you deserve to switch to its premium account and unlock various other features.

Part 3. Summary

There is a factor why Twitter claims your media file could no be processed. That is since your video clip does not accomplish the social media’s needs for optimization. The videos must have the ability to play in any an equipment platform like your mobile, tablet, and desktop, without issues. This is the factor why lock have collection these specifications.

Good thing, Twitter released its media specs so that its individuals will understand what layout to use plus various other requirements. You can constantly edit your video in compliance with the app’s instructions.

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However, if you have videos you want to re-superstructure on Twitter yet do not satisfy the above specs, you can use any kind of of the 4 video clip editing programs us recommended.

Have girlfriend tried modifying videos using any kind of of the apps we suggested? Comment us your thoughts around which apps you think are great for Twitter posts!