This is an open source project. Written in Python 3 (3.6.4 to be exact) using the Kivy Natural User Interface Framework. It comes with a Database Editor inbuilt so you can add cards (via pre-defined excel data) easily enough. It is 100% manual, so cheating is very possible. Uses Listen/Connect via IP to join another persons game.

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Deck Editor:



If a card is in your main, side or extra, click it to remove it.


If a card is in your search results:left click it to add to your main deck (or extra deck if it is an extra deck monster)right click it to add to your side deck





When you connect, your deck will be built from your last loaded deck and shuffled once.left click on deck (bottom right zone) to drawright click on your deck to view contents (You can view your banish, extra, graveyard or opponent"s banished, graveyard with either button)

Use the shuffle button when applicable after searching your deck

Don"t add symbols to your life modifier, use the buttons instead

"Play" will always play a card face-up, "set" will always play it face-down. If it is a Monster, it will always be rotated, if you want face-up defense, play the card first, then change mode.


Reset Game will:- Clear *most* of your field (should be all but minor bug, clean the rest up yourself)- Reload your deck

Note: You can change which deck is loaded by going to your deck editor before resetting, if you do this to, you should reset beforehand, clean up any left over, load deck, then reset again

Note: Your sides will be restored, so make sure to rectify that if you sided previouslyDatabase Editor:



There are (or should be) some examples of legacy excel sheets you should use if you want to update the card database. Add images to the database images folder, advised to be jpg for consistency sake for the time being. Make sure to use the databaseimages + card_image_name + .jpg standard now.To add cards, place the excel data in the database folder, then write "excel_data_name.csv" into the Editor"s Text Box before hitting add from csv.Settings:Not yet implemented


Known Issues:

view side deck opens extra deck

clicking on extra deck opens side deck

game doesn"t reset completely

the banished zone sometimes doesn"t reset the top card image even if no cards are in it (gy probably does this too)

Player Hand has a hard limit of 10 for the time being, be careful when drawing!

Update Ideas:

More gestures, less buttons for actions (e.g a swipe to move from atk -> def/def -> atk)

Double tap on cards in deck editor to add, so you can view them with a single tap.

See more: We Know How To Party Lyrics, 【 California+Knows+How+To+Party 】 【 Lyrics 】

Incorporate Yugioh Wikia API into App so it can update straight from a Yugioh Wikia Set Page.