v the release of the Eclipse expansion for call of Duty: black color Ops 3, there"s also the new Zombies map Zetsubou no Shima. Complete its Easter Egg v this guide.

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Call that Duty: black Ops 3 - Zetsubou no Shima Easter Egg overview - Zetsubou no Shima zombie

With the release of the Eclipse development for Call the Duty: black color Ops 3, there"s likewise the new Zombies map Zetsubou no Shima. Complete its Easter Egg v this guide.

together is usual of a Call of Duty: black color Ops III expansion, the Eclipse add-on bring to the table the brand new Zombies map Zetsubou no Shima. And as is typical of zombie maps in Call of Duty games, Zetsubou no Shima has one crazy multi-step Easter Egg that players can complete to advancement the overarching narrative and also earn a surprise trophy - this one called "Seeds the Doubt."

Those wanting to unlock the concealed Seeds that Doubt trophy in Call of Duty: black Ops III will more than likely need to refer to a guide, as the Easter Egg is, as usual, an extremely complicated. Luckily, we"ve thrown with each other a step-by-step walkthrough to help players dominate Zetsubou no Shima and unlock one of the more challenging Call that Duty: black color Ops III trophies.

having said that, there space some world that would quite use a video guide as soon as it pertains to completing these absurd zombie Easter egg in Black Ops III. Because that those individuals, us recommend checking out this video clip guide through MrDalekJD of YouTube:

Before beginning the Easter Egg, make sure at least one person has actually the Anywhere yet Here! Gobblegum in their Gobblegum pack. To knife the Anywhere however Here! Gobblegum, players have to be rank 10 at the minimum, so keep that in mind. It"s also worth playing with the map a couple of times come familiarize oneself with the map"s locales prior to attempting the Easter Egg.

1. Restoring Power

before players deserve to really dig right into the Easter Egg, they should restore strength to the map. Restoring strength in Zetsubou no Shima is a little bit various than just how power is restored in Der Eisendrache and also other zombie maps. To begin the power restoration process, the an initial step is to find a bucket. Buckets room scattered all about the Zetsubou no Shima map and also seem to generate in arbitrarily locations, so keep an eye out for one.

through a bucket in tow, examine out the map situated near the beginning, and note the places of rap A and Lab B. Spend some time gaining points by killing zombies, and also use those points to gain accessibility to each lab area. In lab A, usage the bucket to collect the violet water, and take the water come the generator. In lab B, carry out the very same thing v the eco-friendly water. This component is timed, so if the lab B generator isn"t activated quickly after the laboratory A generator, this step will have to be repeated.

The power will now be top top temporarily, yet we need it to be on in a much more permanent capacity. To accomplish this, walk to the left that the bunker area, and also go underwater. Inspect to see if over there is an underwater Pack-A-Punch device to understand if it"s the best spot. Slash away the webbing here, and also go through.

zombies will begin to strike underwater, so death them. Go up because that air if needed, yet when all the zombies are dead, the path to the strength switch is clear. Flip the main power switch to permanently gain back power to the whole Zetsubou no Shima map.

2. Skull the Nan Sapwe

through the power on, visit the routine site (use the map at the start to locate it) to uncover four black skulls. Each skull has actually a symbol on it, which synchronizes to one of the 4 altars roughly Zetsubou no Shima. The altar website are situated at the spawn, at the docks, at the plane wreckage, and in the interactions Center.

place each skull in ~ its matching altar. Anyone the completed the Shadows that Evil Easter Egg should be able to guess what wake up next. Simply stand by the altar and shoot the zombies that spawn. An audio cue will indicate when the skull is prepared to return to the ritual site. Repeat the process for the various other three skulls.

This will certainly allow accessibility to an secret area where the Skull that Nan Sapwe is located. Stand close to the skull and also shoot the ghost-like goalkeeper creatures that spawn. An additional audio cue will signify that the Skull the Nan Sapwe is ready to collect, so pick it up to relocate on come the next step the the Easter Egg.

Call of Duty: black Ops 3 - Zetsubou no Shima Easter Egg overview - ritual pillar
with the Skull that Nan Sapwe in tow, return to the ritual site and check the end the pillar with the yellow, glowing icons. This pillar has three randomized challenges to complete, which consist of an easy tasks like using traps to kill zombies or killing a certain variety of zombies underwater. This step of the Easter Egg is pretty basic in that one simply has actually to complete the challenges as outlined, and then return to the obelisk for a reward. Do this 3 times (when play in co-op, every player has actually to finish the challenge) to complete this step of the Easter Egg.

4. Building the KT-4 and also Zombie Shield

In Zetsubou no Shima, the KT-4 is a weapon that can be do by getting three various parts and combining them in ~ a workbench. The first part essential is a green test tube, which will be in the possession of a arbitrarily zombie the will just spawn when the power has actually been turned on. Just keep one eye out for the test tube when killing zombies, and also there must be minimal headache in obtaining it.

The 2nd item needed to develop the KT-4 weapon is a canister of purple spider venom. This canister have the right to be found in laboratory A. Walk there and also use the regulate panel to lower a cage. Attract a spider right into the cage throughout one of the spider rounds, and then usage the regulate panel come send the cage back up. Venom will be extracted from the spider, and the canister will be ripe for the taking.

The last item important to build the KT-4 is a red plant located deep underwater. Head come the underwater caverns and follow the blue rocks until red tree is found. Now head come the workbench (located in the basement of the bunker) and also use it to develop the KT-4.

We will certainly upgrade the KT-4 a small bit later, together the upgraded KT-4 is forced to finish the last action of the Easter Egg. In the meantime, we additionally need to construct a zombie shield. The first part is in rap B, the second part is in lab A, and the third part is on the roof that the bunker. The precise locations the these components in these areas is arbitrarily each time.

with the parts crucial to build the Zombie Shield, head come a workbench and also cobble them together. The following step is to electrify it, so return to the routine area. Wait for lightning come strike, equip the shield, and then walk v the electricity. The electrified zombie shield and also the upgraded KT-4 won"t be needed until a small later, however it"s great to gain both items developed early top top in the Easter Egg.

5. Gigantic Spider ceo Fight

among the key purposes the the KT-4 weapon (and that is upgraded form, the Masamune) is to gain accessibility to previously inaccessible parts of the map. Currently that we have actually it, we can face the huge spider boss, which requirements to be killed to upgrade the KT-4 later on, and for progressing to the next step the the Easter Egg.

To find the giant spider boss, walk to laboratory A. At the back of rap A is a blue spiderweb that can"t be cut down with the knife. Shoot it with the KT-4 to ruin the spiderweb, and also move v the cavern ~ above the other side to reach the boss. As much as bosses go, the huge spider ceo is a bit much easier than persons encountered top top previously, and anyone the took the end George A. Romero in Call that the Dead should have actually no difficulty felling the beast.

The trick to defeating the huge spider boss is to simply shoot directly at that mouth through the most an effective weapons available. Once it is dead, study its body to get the Spider venom that will be used later to upgrade the KT-4 right into the Masamune. Move past the giant spider ceo to snag a cost-free perk in the form of the Widow"s Wine, which will certainly be beneficial for perfect the remainder of the Easter Egg.

6. Upgrading the KT-4

with the spider venom in ours possession, there are only two various other items needed to update the KT-4 into the far an ext powerful Masamune. The next item we"ll desire to collection is the blue plant, the process of which can be viewed in the video clip above. Basically, one has to collect rainbow water native the drain pipes, walk to where the red plant to be found, scan the wall surface here to expose a an enig area, tree a seed, and use the rainbow water to water said seed. Do this for 3 rounds in a row, and a blue tree will prosper from the seed. Collection it, and then relocate on to collecting the skeleton vial.

The electrified zombie shield will certainly come in handy when it involves getting the skeleton vial. Go back to Lab B and also bash the electrified zombie shield ~ above the cage"s regulate panel. This will allow access into the cage, and into the underground tunnel beyond it. Below the skeletal stays of part unlucky soul will it is in found, and lodged in the skeleton"s rib cage will certainly be the skeleton vial.

through the spider venom, blue plant, and skeleton vial, the KT-4 can now it is in upgraded come the Masamune. Just take the KT-4 back to the workbench wherein it was initially built, and there will be an option to update it to the Masamune.

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7. Repairing the Elevator Generator

v all that accomplished, we"re ready to begin really digging into the meat of this Easter Egg. In ~ this point, it would be clever to have actually a few perks and some upgraded weapons, due to the fact that it would certainly be disheartening come fail at this phase in the Easter Egg, to say the least.

Anyway, this is one of the longer steps in the Easter Egg. Very first off, go to the bunker, and scan the wall surface near the violet water utilizing the Skull of Nan Sapwe. A poster will appear on the wall. After the happens, go earlier to the bunker"s entrance, to the room v the Gobblegum machine. Scan the wall on the left side of this room using the Skull that Nan Sapwe to disclose the generator room.

Now, tree a seeds somewhere and also water it through blue water, plus offer it a shot with the Masamune. Execute this because that the following three ring while going after ~ the first two cog piece (which we"ll define how to acquire shortly) required to repair the generator and gain access to the elevator. It shouldn"t take three rounds to acquire the first two cog pieces, yet it"s a an excellent idea to start this procedure now as to avoid advertise the game into even higher and more complicated rounds.

Whoever has actually the Anywhere however Here! Gobblegum should use the now. This will certainly teleport everyone to a weird room through a dragon egg in the center. Examine the room because that the first cog essential to repair the generator.

Upon return to the key map, head to Lab A. Walk to the zipline, and smash the manage panel through the electrified zombie shield. A an enig platform will disclose itself about halfway under the zipline. Use the zipline, and then melee once positioned right over the freshly revealed platform. The second cog item will be situated here.

hope at this point, the plant is fully grown, or at the very least close come it. Again, to flourish the plant, water it v blue water and also shoot it through the Masamune for three rounds. When the plant is totally grown, one anti-aircraft round deserve to be harvest from it. Collect the AA shell and take it to the AA gun situated at the bunker. Use the AA gun come shoot down the aircraft that appears every few rounds. If the shoot misses, don"t fret; simply grow an additional anti-aircraft ring and shot again.

with the airplane destroyed, walk to where it crashed and search the wreckage for the final cog. Take all three cogs come the generator, and insert them to activate the elevator.

8. Final Boss Fight

take it the elevator to the bottom and use the Masamune to clean the method to the boss. Choose the gigantic spider ceo from earlier, this ceo - the Thrasher - is no all the difficult, yet having Juggernog, the Masamune, and also other upgraded weapons will absolutely make points easier. To start the ceo fight, blast the big spore top top the Thrasher"s arm.

To damage the Thrasher, just shoot the remaining spores on its body v charged Masamune shots. What makes this encounter much more difficult, however, is the zombies and also spiders will get in the fray in waves. The Thrasher is much less likely to under players 보다 those creatures, for this reason they must be dealt with prior to worrying also much around dealing much more damage to the boss.

through a tiny bit that persistence, the Thrasher boss will be defeated. At the point, the finishing cut-scene because that Zetsubou no Shima will play. Clock the finale appropriate here, just in situation going v this huge Easter Egg appears like more of a time commitment than it"s worth:

through yet an additional massive Black Ops III Easter Egg complete, players have to unlock the seeds of Doubt trophy, and also be all set to tackle the following expansion, which need to be easily accessible in a pair month"s time. Having actually said that, while this overview does go players through the biggest Zetsubou no Shima Easter Egg, the revelation the the very first Call of Duty zombie map still has actually undiscovered Easter Eggs means there could possibly be also bigger tricks that players have actually yet to discover in Black Ops III"s recent expansion.

Call the Duty: black color Ops III is obtainable now for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and also Xbox One. The Zetsubou no Shima zombies map is right now only easily accessible for PS4, however will be releasing on PC and also Xbox One in the future.