No, several world were not injured in a "zombie-like attack" at a Tennessee Walmart.

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There is an post making that rounds facebook (and additionally reddit) today around a Tennessee Walmart where a male allegedly began biting people. Multiple injured one required to hospital for being bitten in the neck. Not true i am sure as the 2 news resources I was able to discover it on were unreliable news sites. Attach is below.

Origins: on 20 October 2015, the web site The Racket Report released an article around a supposed “zombie-like attack” in ~ a Tennessee Walmart keep which referenced the 18 October 2015 death the a Brazilian man aboard one Aer Lingus trip (later explained as a likely drug smuggling-related overdose):

Several injured In Zombie-Like assault At Tennessee Walmart, As guy Tries to Eat His Victims.

An unidentified man gotten in a Tennessee Walmart top top Tuesday, equipped with nothing an ext than his own teeth. Eyewitnesses say the man, who look like he had been living turn off the streets, gotten in the save looking as if he was in a “daze.” When challenged by a Walmart employee, the homeless man lunged at the victim sinking his teeth right into the employees arm. As among the customers attempted to save the employee, the crazed man little the shopper in the neck.

This occurrence comes just two days after a 24-year-old Brazilian male collapsed and also died plank an ireland aircraft after biting one more passenger. The male was claimed to maybe be top top methamphetamines when he became frantic and also began biting into the flesh of another passenger ~ above board. Unfortunately, authorities say they have actually seen rise in these species of attacks, calling castle Zombie-Like assaults.

The claim was completely fabricated (an possibility to execute so developed by that Brazilian man’s current death) by The Racket Report, a fake news site that bears a disclaimer noting that “some story on this website room fictitious”:

The Racket Report is a news internet publication with news articles, influenced by real news events. The articles and stories may or might not use real names, always a semi genuine and/or mostly, or substantially, fictitious ways. A few articles space for entertainment objectives only. The objective of claimed stories is come entertain and amuse and not to disparage any type of persons, institutions, in anyway and no malice is intended in the direction of anyone or anything, no one should any kind of be construed from the fictitious stories. That method some story on this website are fictitious. Any type of resemblance to persons, life or dead, is entirely coincidental or is plan purely as a spoof of such person and also is not intended to communicate any kind of true or factual information about that person.

The photo that add the short article was lifted indigenous a news story about the March 2013 shoot of a shoplifter in ~ a WalMart store in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Earlier hoax short articles from the Racket Report claimed that KFC plan to begin selling marijuana, the McDonald’s used french fried food grease in your coffee, that McDonald’s outlets in Korea offered dog meat, and also that a homeless man uncovered a infant with seven legs in a Dumpster outside an abortion clinic.